My grandmother Saleha Begum aged around 80 years. She has been living with his 4 sons since my grandfather died more than 25 years ago. Now her health condition is not so good. She has been suffering from diabetics and other health problem from a long time. In my childhood she was my closest of friends. I used to take food by her hand, sleep with her and play with her. I can still remember myself crying and  smelling her saree when she used to go away from our house to another uncle’s house. Now being grown up also it makes me feel empty on the thought that she had to leave us someday or we all have to leave each other.Feeling sad for her. Please pray for her good health and a long life.
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190 Days Inside The Beast.

8th December 2012 to 17th June 2013. For 6 months and 10 days I served on board the vessel M.V Lyttelton. This 40,000 MT , 183m long bulker was my home, my house, my protector in the wild sea and my playground. I had some profound memories in it and some really disgusting ones too. Living with 20 men for such a period of time under single roof does create an emotional  bonding  an intimate situation not only with the people but also with the superstructure itself.  This is a very personal and emotional  sets of pictures for me. It is a testament of my psychological condition at that time and the emotional attachment with these people. This project is a continuous one and I have the intention to carry this out through the my entire sea life.

Carnival of Souls: Pohela Boisakh 1419 in BNW


Pohela Baisakh means The First of Baisakh whereas the Baisakh is the first of the 12 months in Bengali calendar.  The Bengali speaking people of Bangladesh and  West Bengal celebrates this event with great enthusiasm. It is the biggest secular … Continue reading

Locomotive: Life in Locomotion


“No man can be ideally successful until he has found his place. Like a locomotive he is strong on the track, but weak anywhere else.” -Orison Swett Marden After starting to carry my camera everywhere with me I have grown … Continue reading